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Science Park Shares ‘1381GSS’. “Put Deep And Revealingly Within The Song Construction”.

We love progressive rock. It’s a genre that is inherently innovative, emotive, near-pop, but in all, just kicks but by traversing easily between segments of sonic Universes, easily and quickly.

This even happens within ONE single.

And when you listen to SCIENCE PARK, it’s the 90’s to the 2000’s, and it’s R.E.M to even RUSH (dare we say). The common thread comes from the affectionate efforts, put deep and revealingly within the song construction. Like we said, it’s very innovative, and very much sticks with you throughout your long life (in your memories, we mean).

‘MERCATOR’ the latest upcoming offering from SCIENCE PARK will drop September 7th.

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is the ‘main dude’ who puts this whole project together, and it’s been a doozy for a long while.

We’re glad we got to experience ‘1381GSS’, for CHF.


Oh, and the video is cool too.



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