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SCIENCE PARK Shares ‘Dot Of America’. New Album ‘Mercador’ Drops September 7th.

We’d reviewed SCIENCE PARK’s single ‘1381GSS’ and stated: “When you listen to SCIENCE PARK, it’s the 90’s to the 2000’s, and it’s R.E.M to even RUSH (dare we say). The common thread comes from the affectionate efforts, put deep and revealingly within the song construction. Like we said, it’s very innovative, and very much sticks with you throughout your long life (in your memories, we mean).”

Now coming ever close to the release of SCIENCE PARK’s newest album in 17 years (‘MERCATOR’), Myke Dodge Weiskopf, the energy behind SCIENCE PARK brings us ‘Dot Of America’. And is is a single that helps us travel from east to west, like an eagle, soaring past the natural wonders of the United States seeking truth, seeking excitement.

And along the way, the music brings unforeseen differences and glues the fabrics of life together in practical surges.

Humans are weird.

And many humans on this little Earth, know this.

We are humbled at those kinds of thoughts – but from our day to day lives, often forget.

On purpose? Most of the time, no. But when done with maliciousness, we are, as a species, something to contend with.

We are our own worst enemy, sometimes.

So, let’s listen to what SCIENCE PARK has to say. It’s poignant and best of all, effervescently presented – to the benefit of our psyches and sensibilities.

It’s a treat.



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