Scott Hardware ‘Joy’ : Relish in their individualism and push forth to new and grander definition.

Scott Hardware

‘Joy’ is a floating vibe, loving and rejecting, all at the same time. A delightful culmination of multiple genres, relish in their individualism and push forth to new and grander definition of music.

The song is a hum-dinger.

On April 3, Toronto’s Scott Hardware will be releasing ‘Engel’, his second full-length album, which from all accounts will again, demonstrate Scott’s fabulous talents and musical sensibilities. A profound artist whom takes his experiences and delves deep into his heart of writing and expressing in that most poignant of ways.

The prog-rock / indie pop vibes swirl in his works, with even deeper and contentiously delicious lyrical addendum.

‘Engle’ was inspired by Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. The film follows angels around pre-unification Berlin as they listen to the thoughts of the mortals they are surrounded by. “I sought with this album to capture the film’s velvety feeling – in turns funny, depressing, dark and mundane – in LP form,” Scott said.

Scott’s vibe is way to go.


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