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Scott Low Shares ‘Burning Tires, Smoking Gun’.

Here’s a traditional folk/country single ‘Burning Tires, Smoking Gun’ from SCOTT LOW. With Scott’s vocals, shaking and emotive, the lyrics do come alive (as they do), which is framed and kept in check with the dab of fiddle.

We always say, dig a bit deeper into singles like this. Listen to the way the chorus is delivered, with a short bit of growl. The production of that chorus is the pillar for the memories and the snapshots burned in the soul.

Searching for the road BACK to the ‘good ol’ days’ is the way to seek the meaning within. Happy times and not so happy times, form the collage of your liking.

It’s the sense of self-doubt, dowsed with the cleansing liquids that help you move forward.

Setting aside the ‘could have’ or ‘should have’, like the trophies in the cabinet.

Turning the chapter, each page at a time.

The Clayton, Georgia native’s newest album of the same title is out now.



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