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Scotty Seed – Pig

SCOTTY SEE is a chameleon. We’d stated that before. And there’s a good reason for that, for Scotty can change genres as quick as a snap of the finger. But the change is determined and anchored to his story telling. The picking of the genre style is not done for the fun of it; the picking is integral to his musical determination. ‘Pig’ is that grimy, radical, and genuine use of that classical punk attitude and methods, that deliver in spades. The blaring vocals, layered in a slower style of punk antics, say “F*ck you” and then some to the “powers that be (or not)”. Scotty doesn’t discriminate from being a punk to anyone. Why? Because it’s his song, his view, his art.

Amy Lott – You Give Me Hope

You like blues based rock n’ roll? AMY LOTT is here for you. She’s the songstress who delves deep into her craft, and aligns her notes with the lyrical construction that of a caring and thoughtful soul. Amy has overcome unfortunate challenges (severe epilepsy and proxysmal dystonia) in her early years. And maybe that’s why she invokes such positivity into her songwriting. It’s not a deserving thing for one to keep the negativity inside. It will, inevitably, tear the insides, to asunder. And Amy didn’t want that. But just like a warrior, she climbed personal challenges, and here stand with music that she’d always wanted to share with the public. Her music is familiar, but individual. Her voice is comforting, and is a friend you want by your side. Her story, could be anyone’s own – which reminds us all to be humble and in touch with our inner resolve. Amy continues her trek towards the sunrise.

Tamir Yechezkel – You Won’t Fight Them on Your Own

Israeli singer/songwriter brings us ‘You Won’t Fight Them on Your Own’. And the dreamy folk-pop strum, gets us in a mood of – and – for love. It’s a requisite, lyrical support for the best in a person, in humanity’s reliance of kindness’ radiance. Tamir first wrote this single when he’d “met a girl and I had a lot to say to her but I wasn’t brave enough to share my feelings.” The urge to expose our vulnerabilities gets stuck in our throats. As we seek to be with the one who makes us whole, a tool like primitive systems like writing and song, comes into play. We all have had such circumstances – romantic, to say the least. “So I wrote it down and few days later picked up the guitar and somehow it comes out quite quickly,” continued Tamir. “This song still means a lot to me.” Lovely.

Psychotropics – Sunburn

We don’t do remasters or remakes. Well, what we mean is that we don’t do it if there just not enough compelling oomph to the cause. But PSYCHOTROPICS’ single ‘Sunburn’ from 2017, is an exception. The strong rock intro, envelopes your guitar fervor, with gushing fuzz. Then it takes it all back with the vocals, seductive and sensual, as it should. And when this Santiago, Chile based rock band comes to play, your clean-cut sensibilities are thrown out the door, with relative ease, as you reach out for the shot of your new favorite liquor. Down it goes: the warmth, the infectious hymns, the luscious embrace. You close your eyes, then your purpose becomes clear to why you’re here.

Avamay – The Devil

Amy Heather and James Neill, make up this deliciously put together ensemble which tells stories of love, loss, betrayals, and fleeting memories of personal consequence. With dark-Americana framing, alt-country-blues sensibilities, the duo presents this succulent psychedelia of a single named ‘The Devil’ for our little ears. The emotional anguish portrayed through Amy’s vocals is to die for. You just want to be there for the protagonist of the story. A certain part of you in transfixed, until the end. Look for more from this fab duo in the coming months.

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