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Scratch Shares ‘Grave Groove (Call You Out)’. “A hundred bucks worth of pampering your ego.”

SCRATCH is that crusty nugget of gold that you’d hidden in your aunt’s attic, so that no one can see it, unless they knew the secret password and a hundred bucks worth of pampering your ego. It’s the ‘man’ in ‘Manitoba’. It’s the ‘apple’ in that sick city of NYC. And it’s that pounding headache that you named, because you are so intimate with it after a night of binge drinking and barfing.

It won’t let you go.

And in this single ‘Grave Groove (Call You Out)’ that dirty, dirty old man in your young and smooth youth, comes to play.

It won’t let you go.

Based between the nether world between New York City and Perth, the duo childhood friends, Ruzbeh Irani and Avinash Lalwani, gets gritty and raunchy.

It won’t let you go.

The duo pursued their dream of making sweet, sweet rock n’ roll music together, and they’ve succeeded.

This year, they will be releasing their debut album and from what we hear, it should be an extravaganza of noise, rock, and a lot more noise.

Thank goodness.

“This is our protest song and it pretty much sums up the way we’ve felt for the last two years” stated the duo.

Touché., Ruz and Avi. Touché.

In the meantime, listen to their self titled 5 song EP, now.



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