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Scratches Shares ‘Between’. “Crumble we all do. Rise like phoenix, we must.”

Listening to Scratches’ single ‘Between’ there are moments in pause that makes you well up with the feelings of tears. That’s what Sarah-Maria Bürgin’s projection of the lyrics, do for you. Her vocal style, that is breathy and sultry; the vulnerability of life’s real moments live through those reverberation.

Completed by bandmates Sandro Corbat, Marco Nenniger, and Jonas Prina, the band returns with even more dynamic offerings. ‘Between’ is a powerful new song from the upcoming album ‘RUNDOWN’, which is due to drop October 11th.

Scratches blends awful lot of emotions in their songs. As mentioned, the start of it all is undeniably with Sarah-Maria’s vocals that expand space and time, then the gang of 4 come together to make artful rock, that impinges on the edges of psychedelia and ambient, mood inducing pop that always helps us remember the beauty of harmony and resilience.

You feel it all over ‘Between’, as the pain of a place in this Universe deserves nothing less than the tears of anguish over something that meant so much.

We’ve all been there. Silent, and alone in the darkness – knowing that no one can understand our sacrifice. We’d crumbled again and again.

Crumble we all do. Rise like phoenix, we must.

It’s how life is.

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