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SCRIBBLES Shares ‘2 Minute Warning’. “Don’t Stop. Break Away. Soon.”

Looking back is the detrimental ‘comfort’ of us all. We are, in ways, comforted by the past. It might be the way we check ourselves. However, it’s a negative in some ways too.

The worst is when it inherently makes us PAUSE.

Not progress.

You can feel your feet becoming stuck in that virtual, self-relegated, sand trap.

It’s up to your neck now.

What will you do.

Don’t start. Snap out of it. Learn, but walk forward.

SCRIBBLES is a deliciously voiced pop songwriter from Florida, who wrote this single, for that reason. We’re assuming that writing this song was an exercise in trying to keep her discipline.

Reminiscing is a kind thing to do, for our ego. Let’s not stay in that room too long, though.

The video was shot and edited by Scribbles, staring Jade Lilly, and produced by Creole.



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