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Scum Shots – Street Dip

When you want a slathered Cali-sun drenched punk-rock demeanor, you’ve come to the right place with SCUM SHOTS. ‘Street Dip’ is part of their latest 8 song LP ‘Mouth Wash’, and it is in a line of adjectives that makes being a secret punk, just that more delicious. It’s the chill-punk in you that makes things go for you. It sure does us. And when NYC based SCUM SHOTS wants you in their fold, you say ‘Hell no! I’m my own man/woman!’ But we all hang around because their single is cool. Plus that cute girl is dancing slightly in front at the stage, and you can feel she wants you to approach her. Anywho, take a ‘dip’ into ‘Street Dip’. It won’t solve all your ailments, but they didn’t promise you that either; so, all is even. Word.

Frass – Wake Up

It’s Friday. Your work of the week are behind you. It’s your time. You need a drink. Or two. FRASS is waiting for you and they want you to take off that work tie and bang yo’ head! The 3 piece rock band from the South East of England (UK) is noise – the heck of a good kind. That chord riff is a chant that cracks open your head and makes it known to you that the days are numbered. Your weekend will be filled with ‘Wake Up’, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Axe attack as you hear in this single is fabulous to hear and welcome to our CHF ears. It’s far and long between when grinding, ol’ school Iron Maiden vibin’ thrust like ‘Wake Up’ comes to town. But it did come to town and your mind will be blown to tiny little bits. Wish we could see FRASS live. What a way to run into glory, don’t you think?

Kyle Daniel – Somewhere In Between

There are times when we get very, very jealous of an artist. Of their talent, of their skills, and of their presence in musical purpose. KYLE DANIEL is in that wide category for us. The indie-country folk-rock artist brings the calm security of his brooding vocals to your world. And when he performs his single ‘Somewhere In Between’, you’re but guaranteed to be swept overboard to a new land, between here and tomorrow. Just listen. Listen to the beautifully crafted arrangements of such pension for timing and rock n’ roll sensibilities. The East Nashville based singer/songwriter is exactly what anyone who’d looking for some southern rock/Americana music lovin’. So go ahead. Close your eyes. Be draped in deliciousness by Kyle. Oh and by the way, the last segment of ‘Somewhere in Between’ is just to die for. Yep. Ya heard.

ViVii – Pick Me Up

To us, the project named ViVii equals love. You know. The kind of love that is not Disney tantric, but that is real – gritty – emphatic – gorgeous. The drape of sonic colors never becomes discolored when sung or described by ViVii’s entrapments. Their debut self-title album is available now. And speaking about the album, the band stated: “This is our journey that started five years ago portrayed in music, words and pictures, it’s been a long time coming. The album represents creativity, musical freedom and a safe zone for three vulnerable souls.” The habit of rendering our day to day, is what we humans do. It must be done. To seek out meaning from the immediate past, means a construction of keys for the foreseeable future. ViVii’s description of such ‘love’ is part of the sought-after dignity. We need it. Like we need ViVii’s unique tally upon it. Dig.


Finnish artist and arbiter of reality-within-reality, VON KONOW invites us all on a journey. His deemed journey. The synth draped and dancey blend of vibes, overlap under the breezy lyrics and playful xylophone notes. Marko von Konow is the project’s solo habitation. And when this new-wave tinged synth-pop delivery infects your ears, you sway like the weeping willows of our 70’s irreverence. Wallowing away in the warmth of the summer sun, our love blossoms to new and beautiful containment of emotions. VON KONOW’s approach to his music springs from the well of such traditions of Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean Genet and Jean-Paul Sartre. ‘On A Hill’ wafts in delight, as it witnesses your swaying waist, to the rhythms of a far off land, where space is expanded with the kind of knowledge afforded by this project. It is the plaything of VON KONOW. Space is the stadium where Marko presides. And there’s nothing you can, or will do about that. Delight in this song of destiny and gallantry in philosophy.


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