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Scuttlers Share ‘Lies In The Sky’. “Rattle and hum with the best of ’em.”

SCUTTLERS’ ‘Lies In The Sky’ is their debut single and it sure does what it was designed for: get you rockin’ and dancing on the floor. You don’t hve to pretend that you can’t dance. You must. Because that pungent rock n’ roll vibe calls you. It pulls on your shirt tail, as the rhythms of ‘Lies In The Sky’ drapes with excitement and aura.

The Manchester indie-punk/rock band SCUTTLERS makes it known that the drums and punk vocals is the remedy that you’d been wanting, to combat the day-to-day hum-drums.

The accompanying music visuals is in the best traditions of Brit-rock as it just unapologetically situates you between rock and that fabulous place at music-heaven.

Have a pint, will ya!?

Let’s go!

Join the SCUTTLERS and see your mind get savagely entertained.

Visceral Manchester indie-punks Scuttlers storm out of the traps today with their new single Lies In The Sky. The new track offers up garage-rock guitars, frenetic drums and urgent post-punk vocals alongside the young band’s in-yer-face energy. It’s on Spotify and Apple Music now, and you can watch the stylish monochrome video for the song on YouTube below.



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