Sea Caves Shares ‘Dart’. “Thrusts itself in a bright understanding.”

With the addition of singer Sydney Rohrs, the project called SEA CAVES has taken a turn. A new direction that is equally and in many parts surpassing the thrust of the former configuration of the band. While the latest album was being finshed, founder Shiloh Halsey thought it necessary to fire himself as the lead singer, and inject a new vibe to the band.

And has it ever.

With shimmering, floating vocals from Sydney, the more prog-jazz rock vibe of the former manifistation of the band has evolved into a more indie-atmospheric offering. The lyrical vibrance is enhanced in a different way as the band thrusts itself in a bright understanding.

But even better, the underlying, V8 engine of the band – the lyrical hues and complex expressions – remain the same, and exciting as before.

The relationship between SEA CAVES and its audience has taken that corner turn for a new direction. And both parties should rejoice.

‘Dart’ is that example of that indie-rock effervescence that you always desire. Delivering in those haunting deliveries, and attentions, the song casts that ominous but sumptuous cushions in light and love.

The band consists of: Sydney Rohrs (vocals/flute), Shiloh Halsey (guitar/flute/vocals), Cameron Jones (drums/vocals), Brian Nelson (bass), and Johnny Askew (keys).

See the band next at Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon on August 30th.


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