Sea Girls Shares ‘Violet’. “Feel good going on that road of your life.”

Stadium indie-rock band SEA GIRLS comes with the goods with ‘Violet’. The latest single from the very popular band from the UK, takes it up a notch, as the positivity just flows once more from the single.

Pace and increasing the ante, to a degree, is what the boys have done in this song.

Henry says; “If our other tracks are the shade, then Violet is definitely the light. There is no tortured soul here, just a boy who avoided the inevitable for years, suddenly realises, and throws himself wholeheartedly to someone who’s made for him. Put your face in a sink of ice cold water and that’s how it makes me feel.”

Many of their October shows are already sold out. Check out their other shows, so you can have at their works.

The band is made up of Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson & Oli Khan


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