SEA GIRLS ‘Why Won’t You Admit’ : New EP. Same ol’ satisfaction. Let’s go!

Sea Girls

SEA GIRLS’ EP ‘UNDER EXIT LIGHTS’ is out now, and it’s a banger. We’d noticed before. Had you? It’s alright. Get on it and listen to ‘Why Won’t You Admit’. And as this decadent stadium rockin’ single gets you to shake of ‘life’ for a moment, think about the positives of yours and everything that are. Because you’re worth it.

Just as frontman Henry Camamile stated: “The lyrics for these songs draw their soul from my life of late nights and the mornings after – about being young and going out a lot… It involves dark thoughts, anxiety, but ends in hope, positivity and optimism.” Dark and light. It’s a perpetual dance. So, if that’s the normal state of this Universe, then you might as well enjoy a little as you build for the future!

Anywho. Look for a debut album for this summer as the boys with the golden attitudes bring more torch bearing music, that will help you set afire to that heart of yours – and ours.

There’s a reason why their April shows are already SOLD OUT.

Really good. Really satisfying stuff from the boys, indeed.

The band consists of Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson and Oli Khan.


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