Sea Offs ‘Will (you)’ : It’s a good time to contemplate. Especially with darkened whimsy..

Sea Offs / Photo: Ann Bi

Rashmit comes from Mumbai and Olivia from Pittsburgh. The two connected in college over a love of atmospheric folk and a shared socio-political belief system. Since joining forces, they’ve opened for acts like Girlpool, The Shacks, and Pinegrove. ‘Will (you)’ is a gripping slow-burner that showcases the duo’s incredible range from soft and intricate to pleading and powerful. It’s the lead single from their forthcoming EP ‘En Root’.

A teeth grinding determination is the hallmark of ‘Will (You)’. An undeterred list of ramifications, sullen with zero animosities and bicker, the protagonists of this single is justified in the passions of the past’s worst and of harms that caused through unintentional hurt. The future of inner soul, rams into an unalterable vision for the times of reminders.

The duo met while attending Penn State University, bonding over a love of dreamy folk-rock music and a shared socio-political belief system. In February 2016, they released a 3-song, DIY-style EP titled ‘Sea the Blind’, which was internationally lauded by numerous blogs and Youtube communities for its sweeping vocals, full sound, and sincere lyrics. Since the summer, their song, ‘Leave’, has received over 150,000 plays via Mostly Strings on YouTube and over 20,000 plays via other online streams.

It’s a good time to contemplate. Especially with darkened whimsy of ‘Will (You)’.

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