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Sea Rae Shares Intriguingly Fascinating ‘Treading on the Water’. “Making merry, and decadently enjoying the rebellion.”

Transition from this and that. Wanting more from to and fro. What. Ever. That’s an attitude that just washes over the words in SEA RAE’s latest single ‘Treading On The Water’.

It’s an odd thing this little ocean of life that we lead. Most of the time we seem to be well above the water line – never in danger of drowning – never in danger of ceasing to exist. But as it was comfortable, you can drop underneath that desire, off of the route you’d planned, year after year. That dangerous relationship, of fools, making merry, and decadently enjoying the rebellion.

Singer/songwriter SEA RAE (Ciara Rae Alvarado) is a unique cat, as her melodies pile up on each other, the colors of immaculate tones, collide into an amber hiss. The sizzle is her progression moods in her songs (as demonstrated in this single) and as the 20 year old pop artist, delves into subjects and intuitions of the extraordinary, she shines.

Pop, hiphop, synth, rock – all submerge underneath that water line, merging into a whole new species.

And SEA RAE is there to facilitate that transition.

Let’s ride with Ciara.



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