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Seafret – Blank You Out

Seafret’s Blank You Out is a voice of the voice-less chump, who thought that the other side was ‘greener’, ‘more fruitful’, ‘more indulging’. However, just like in reality, sometimes, it’s best to open one’s eyes and see what one HAS, opposed to what one DOES NOT.

Savoring the small things, loving the little things, appreciating the things that make one go crazy – sometimes this attitude can go a long way.

It’s a big world, and as human beings, we are greedy sometimes – if not in actions, at least in thoughts. I want this for my birthday, I want that for my special day, I need that for the holidays, she seems fine – maybe she’ll be better for me…

Maybe, it’ll work out. Maybe not. It’s a chance. But one thing’s for sure, if we go seeking another, we’ve burned bridges.

If one knows and acknowledges that fact, than, why not, take a risk.

But coming back, where the damage has been done – it won’t be the same any longer. The trust has gone. There’s no turning back time.

It’s that fragile, delicate – our human hearts and feelings.

For sure.

Let’s be mindful, caring.



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