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Séamus Shares ‘Slip’. “Moments to tell the tale. Journey begins.”

Los Angeles alt-pop artist Séamus’s 2nd single ‘Slip’ is a trip in all of the best ways. Obsession from within, instigated by fate and uncontrollability – accounts for indignation and platitudes for the easier way out.

Séamus says “no”.

Don’t do it.

It’s a slippery slope.

You can do better.

Relationships crumble at moment’s notice; hard to control, and hard to investigate why it has so. You cry, within, alone, and confused.

Authenticity is where Séamus shines with ‘Slip’. A song revolving in the mundane everyday, and expresses them with emotional explosions. Self reflection calms the nerves, to make better and equitable decisions.

Take a look at the 22 year old’s offering. He’s lived some great moments, which he wants to share.



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