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Seán McGowan Shares ‘Cuppa Tea’ (Official Video). Debut Album Drops May 11.

‘Cuppa Tea’ taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Son Of The Smith’, the song is a mad cook of a recipe that programs the sights with odd delights. And just like McGowan’s refreshing sounds depicted in his songs, the video itself is full on ‘fresh’ as well.

There are many things that can be predicted or assumed from the artist, within a video. And in this particular video, McGowan’s aesthetic philosophy behind his music is apparent – with greater weight put upon the ridiculous and weird, in the life of some of the human beings living across the surface of this world.

Or not.

But surely is entertaining though.

The story within the song is more intimate and reverberates the hardships of life in modern Britain. However, it can be said, struggles in one person’s life in a totally different country and customs, still correctly translate the ‘same-ness’ and ‘similarities connecting us souls.

“‘Cuppa Tea’ is very much me calling it how I see it. It’s my refusal to accept second best for myself or anyone else. In a world where money rules I’ll do anything and everything to even the playing field.”

Album ‘Son Of The Smith’ drops May 11.

Word, Sean. Word.


12 Southend Chinnerys (supporting Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly)
14 London Roundhouse (Lost Evenings 2)

15 London Monarch
26 Kingston Fighting Cocks
27 Bristol Crofter’s Rights
28 Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
29 Nottingham Bodega
30 Newcastle Think Tank
31 Sheffield Totem

1 Leeds Santiagos
2 Southampton Joiners **SOLD OUT**
3 Cardiff Tiny Rebel
5 Exeter Cavern
6 Winchester Railway
7 Cambridge Portland Arms
8 Oxford Cellar
9 Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre


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