Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius ‘Easy Graces’ : Calm the nerves as the world outside crashes just underneath the surface.

Sean Waters

Sean Waters, raised by northern Colorado hippies, was a child of both compassion and alcoholism. Both these threads come through in his debut single ‘Easy Graces’, in the form of the kind of empathy and support that any person would love. A ‘graceful’ ambience, patient and true, Sean’s blue water depth of vocals, calm the nerves as the world outside crashes just underneath the surface.

Said Sean: “Everything has come to mean something else, or at least it’s showing a new side of itself in this societal brush with death — this COVID-19 situation,” Waters explains, “and ‘Easy Graces’ is no exception: it deals with being separate and still together, of carrying someone with you even though you can’t be with them physically, of the perseverance of love…”

This track was recorded in January 2019, almost a year before the live debut of Waters’ live band, the Sunrise Genius. This single features Justin Andres on Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths, Backing Vocals, Kiel Feher on Drums and Percussion, Luke Miller on Keys, Organ, and Casey Calmenson on Backing Vocals, Easy

“‘Graces’ is a layered labor of love,” emphasized Sean, “an exercise in the easy graces of an artistic life where, above all, you’re true to yourself.”



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