Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius ‘Flexibility Blues’ : A major-key, feel-good, Rocky Mountain high… high.

Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius

‘Flexibility Blues’ playfully stretches into the realms of California folk-pop, zen singer-songwriter, and chill Colorado Americana. Produced by Justin Andres (Eric Burdon and the Animals) ‘Flexibility’ was sonically inspired by both Surprise-era Paul Simon and Hiss Golden Messenger psychedelia.

Acoustic guitar and ambient synths – the single is a major-key, feel-good, Rocky Mountain high… high.

“The song takes the blues motif of losing the one you love into a quirky anthem for misfits refusing to fit into existing social ideals. And into a plea for mental health in an age where “We’re all just animals / Living in the internet.”

We’d said of Sean: “A ‘graceful’ ambience, patient and true, Sean’s blue water depth of vocals, calm the nerves as the world outside crashes just underneath the surface.”

Sean Waters makes feel-good indie rock music to remind us of the ecstatic joy and power of new beginnings – full stop. Inspiration is of neo-hippies Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes, and retro rock powerhouses Nathaniel Nateliff and the Night Sweats.

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Happy Friday July 3rd! 🌺 💥 ⛰ 🏕 Good news here that Cheers to the Vikings wrote up a super-kind premiere of the Flexibility Blues music video — out today at 5pm MST on the Youtube and Facebook … we passed 3.2k in a week, THANK YOU! we love you all. 📷 ⛰ 🌲 retreat in the Colorado high country … 📖 📚 reading and writing about the creative economy of the spirit, ✍️ how to use daily writing for mental health —- the mysteries of the gift of art and life. Holy cow Krista Tippett and Lewis Hyde are blowing my mind. More to come. Big 😘 🚀 Artist photos by @kevdwyer17 … #colorado #syncopatemedia #press #bandphotography #naturephotography #naturelovers #solo #retreat #writing #reading #songwriter #gifts #sunrise #seasons #nature #upclose #homestudio #table #coloradolife #love #blog #premiere #musicvideo #july #3 #2020 #coloradomusic #upcomingartist #philosophy #artlife

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