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Seanu // Knox White // A.ROSE // PROMIS3 // Berry Juice & Josh Tobias

Seanu – Waiting for Fools

“At 17, I moved from Maryland to Colorado. Five years later, I moved from Colorado to Seattle. I chased a better life on this journey, only to realize that the journey itself is life.” The sincerity comes through from the young artist when you read and experience his singles. With shimmering dream-pop licks and delicate delivery of vocals, SEANU’s timely ascension to his brand of music, is welcomed with open arms. Bearing good will and tidings, SEANU’s unique and versed attitude, bursts like that delicious fruit of passion. Look out.

Knox White ft. Dillatante – Feel Like Falling

KNOX WHITE has been bubbling with enthusiasm and energy, ever since. The fire, the grit, the effervescence in love and loss is where his production thrive. “The song is about being ready to fall for someone. We all have these points in our lives where we are ready to commit to something or someone, and ‘I feel like falling’ is the way I’m expressing that.” We’d called Knox: “…a gem. Pop and indie-rock, combine thoughtfully within his songwriting soul.” Still true to this day. And then some.

A.ROSE – Hush Hush

Anna-Rose Clayton explained: “’Hush Hush’ is about determination and the efforts needed for action. We all see rules being broken and lines getting blurred the moment there’s money involved”. Playing the game is what life can be viewed as. Be quiet and do your best to where you want to be. But does it need to be in such a desirous haste and waste? It’s part of life, but will it be part of yours? Thoughtful lyrics line the runway of how A.ROSE’s songs abound. Effervescent vocals are as thrusting as it can be, with poignant energy and revival. Relevance is just another day of work for A.ROSE. She’s always relevant. She’ll always relate to you.

PROMIS3 – Chasing Waterfalls

“Chasing Waterfalls visualizes the pursuit of dangerous love that will definitely hurt you in the end. Against better judgement, you keep on diving in these turbulent currents, which lead you to deadly cascades” says PROMIS3. Exhilaration comes with the territory of PROMIS3. From rousing synth progressions, and impossibly decadent lyrical works, the synth-pop/EDM outfit delivers in the best way they know how in ‘Chasing Waterfalls’. See them next at TRAX on September 21st Roselare Belgium.

Berry Juice & Josh Tobias – Messin’ Around (Mogul Remix)

Berry Juice and Josh Tobias’ single ‘Messin’ Around’ gets the Mogul remix treatment. Already a fabulously relaxing single, the funk and shine is amplified to the hilt with Mogul’s injection of that somethin’ somethin’ from the EDM spectrum. Bit more pace and levity, let’s the song explore into new territory, without losing the essence and decadence. What else can you want.


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