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Seapony – What’s Gonna Happen

Seapony’s What’s Gonna Happen dubs the world in a colorful spectrum, knowing but uncertain, ground shakes, heart skips a beat. It’s a wonderful and airy prediction in what love can/cannot be.

That’s love for ya. So precocious, and mysterious. Blinding and many times cruel.

Seapony was formed n 2010, as their bio tells us, but their sound on What’s Gonna Happen, on its face, is clear and up to date. What we mean by that is the subject matter is important, but to us here at CHF, the presentation and ultimate execution is like a whiff of cool perfume.

Smells stamp memories almost permanently within our brain cells – and just like that perfume from an ex-significan gal pal, it has an effect.

We think this song ‘could’ have an effect on us. Just like perfume, this song could meld memory into our imaginations’ affections.

Fake or not.

Anywho, we think it’s fab. And Jen’s vocals make it ‘apathetic’ but at the same time ‘remorseful’ and ’empathetic’.

A perfect brew for love’s cruel extremities, slashing at our vulnerable hearts.

Touché, ‘love’. Touché.

And kudos to you Seapony. Kudos.

Seapony is rep’ed by Hardly Art Records out of serene Seattle, WA. Check ’em both out!



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