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Seasex Shares ‘Bring Me Luck’. “It’s a conundrum that is not, but is.”

“We´re taking funk and indie vibes into a crisp and commercial sounding pop track, and this is the result. We´re distributing via spinn-up, so it will be released in 3-10 work days from today (August 29th). We have a deal with some play time on the national radio here in Denmark..”

Partly this and mostly that, SEASEX is this thing you have at the back of your mind – not wanting to dig – but you must, because it’s like watching the roaring fire in your fireplace of your lusts. The combination of those don’t makes sense. But make a WHOLE LOT of sense, at the same time.

Like misconstrued sentences in a fun 80’s sit-com, SEASEX’s single ‘Bring Me Luck’ takes it to new heights as it confuses and delights you in the most weird but majestic way.

Close your eyes. Then listen. It’s glorious.

Open your eyes, it’s hard to accept your reality, without ‘Bring Me Luck’ – so close your eyes again.

It’s a conundrum that is not, but is.

You get the point?

Different kinds of musicians are part of this band named SEASEX. Types? An eclectic songwriter, a classically trained pianist, a rock guitarist stereotype, a rock solid jazz drummer, a spaced out bassist and a glitch-electronica producer have joined together: “creating intimate stadion pop that makes you move”.

They succeeded.

See SEASEX next @ RUST in Copenhagen, October 25th.



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