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SEATBELTS Shares ‘SPANISH SONGS’. “There’s something out there I’d like to find.”

‘Spanish Songs’ is SEATBELTS’ first release of 2019. So, what do you think? We think it is the bee’s knees. Sweet as honeycombs, mysterious as the man in the moon, shoegazy as the most shiest wallflower, and delicious in its simplicity.

The single is just simply delightful.

This creative effort is the project of James Madden and Ryan Murphy. And with Abigail Woods and Alex Quinn, at their side, the 2nd single from the upcoming EP ‘Please Slow Down’, this single is a mix of upbeat indie-rock with a taste of the old with the resistance of the new and maybe the unknown.

The art-pop vibe is evident as you’re swept up and spit out by the gentle roll of the song.

The male/female vocal arrangement intertwines to seduce, without touching. Just enough to provoke.

On this single Nick Branton(Dead Hedge Trio) joined SEATBELTS in the cornet lines which is always exciting. The overall energies and the frustrtatingly playful lyrics, really show what the band can do.

“Hay algo real, hay algo fácil – there’s something out there I’d like to find.”




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