SEATBELTS ‘SINFUL CITY’ : Elevated leisure, wall-street- money, social privileges, the ‘ideal’ lifestyle.


With their new track ‘Sinful City’, Seatbelts “explore the themes of capitalism, modernization, and escapism”.

“The driving beat, the factory-like horns, and the unrelenting bass loop evoke Chaplin, lost in ‘Modern Times’, or the futurist landscapes of Fitz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’. During the middle-eight, an escape is glimpsed as the track swoops into a sweeter, dream-pop moment, but this is no sooner snatched away and replaced by our familiar four walls.”

Accompanying the release is a music video, which collages stock-footage of daytime TV advertising and 90s YouTube memes.

This creative effort is the project of James Madden and Ryan Murphy. And with Abigail Woods and Alex Quinn, at their side, ‘Sinful City’ is rowdy, glamorous, invigorating and fun.

Youโ€™re swept up and spit out by goodness of the song’s aesthetics in vibe.


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