Seatkickr Shares ‘Hands’. “Memory of a person and place, when it was comforting.”

Ottawa originating artist Seatkickr (Sofie Milito) is a student of life. In her young years, she’d wanted to express her vibes through song and music. And with her nascent project, she does that with oddly attractive shimmer and tongue-in-cheek glitter.

Spirited is a word that can describe the essence of what you feel on ‘Hands’, as the stripped down, and raw guitar strums to the very basic recordings of minimal layers, expound with pride and salty allure. Her intimate, close mic, vocals energize with both hands up, making waves and taking down names.

Sofie succinctly stated: “This song is for long car rides and thinking about your ex.”

For dang sure it is.

It’s that peaceful rendering of memory, when you’re doing something random, where you, for a moment feel that velvet of past good times. Far from being excitable, the notion of that memory is just a fleeting glance, and certainly neutral. Just a memory of a person and place, when it was comforting – of that moment.

A thought, before you’re right back to reality.

‘Hands’ is her first single in collaboration with Michael Watson and Hannah Judge under Seatkickr.

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