Second to Safety ‘To Be Beautiful’ : We all have a chance to get there once again.

Second to Safety

Lead single from Second to Safety’s expansive, genre-bending concept LP, ‘Esther’ (released February 28). It’s a song about reclaiming the innocence of your childhood. Don’t we all have some part of us that we dream of the same scenario? We could taste it sometimes.

An urge to become the person whom you’d been before. Imagined you were. The person who’d fought off trepidations with one hand and painted beautiful colors of life with the other. Where have we gone, during all those years afterwards? Why have we gone down this road so deeply?

Can we get back on that road to recovery? Sanity? Happiness? The classic pop-rock fair of ‘to Be Beautiful’ is in itself beautiful to see unveil itself. It hits that notion of reaching for the past, perfectly.

With this song, we think we all have a chance to get there once again.

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