Secret Emchy Society ‘Dance Like The World is Ending’ : Where you feel you belong once again in this world.

Secret Emchy Society

Secret Emchy Society ‘Dance Like The World is Ending’ brings the grit of life, home. Where ever you are. What ever you’re doing. Whom you may be. The sultry visage of our humanity, dowsed in the muddied memories of joy, there will always be a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ corner of this world, where you feel you belong once again in this world. SES delivers in this sultry drizzle of the real life.

“As a touring musician I’ve played a million dive bars it feels like ⏤ but everyone once in a while you play a place that just feels like magic,” explained Cindy Emch. “This song is about my pal Steve Heck’s bar up in Doyle, California and a crazy night that went into morning and ended up with the true soldiers of the night still dancing around with an unabridged joyfulness at 9 am after no sleep and a whole bunch of Bloody Marys.”

“I lean towards old fashioned arrangements anyway, but I wanted this one to feel like David Lynch and Ennio Morricone had met out on the West Coast mountains for songs around the campfire. Just a classic cowboy tune that feels just as at home around a campfire with one guitar as it does on a stage with fancy lights and three soloists.”

Cindy continued: “We were on tour in Reno, and my bass player Hans was like, ‘Hey it’s only 10 pm! Let’s drive up to my pal’s bar in Doyle about 45 minutes away. It’s his birthday, and maybe we could have some whiskey and play some tunes.’ So, off we went! When we arrived, the hired musician was on her fourth hour of playing cover tunes for rowdy desert rats and was ready for a break. We plugged in the instruments and played for an hour? Two hours? I’ll never really know. This is the sort of bar where time stops.”

Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings, among others, stopped in for drinks in the ’60s whenever they had shows in Reno “since they would get recognized too much down there. It felt like time had stopped there.

‘Dance Like the World is Ending’ is off of the new album, ‘The Chaser’ (May 15).


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