Secret Shame ‘Dissolve’ : A cathartic break from a bad situation

Secret Shame

Lighting up the sky with darkened paths of auspiciousness and putrid pastel hues, the mix of genres, formulated in the vastness of new-wave chords, there stands Secret Shame. A grizzled topic of ambience and straight talk, the band’s vacuous amalgam can confuse and delight.

On ‘Dissolve’, Secret Shame has reached into unknown territory and grabbed hold of new sounds while still managing to evoke the same feelings of previous releases. Lena’s (she/her) vocals, which have the ability to expand from manic and feverish to soft and soothing, harmonize and twist around the instruments. Underneath the pretty facade lies self-destructive lyrical content, instruments that bite each other, and hard emotions that don’t ever fade.

Envision a dark and light-ness in wonder. Let’s sit. Let’s chat. Let the Secret Shame, enact with pride and joy.


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