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Secretary Legs’ New 12 Song Debut Album ‘Cool Myths’ Drops March 2nd.

The indie rock band of three named Secretary Legs is all bursting with pride and can’t wait to drop their new full 12 song album ‘Cool Myths’. From our listen-through, every nuance of each song are described by the words: pebble, stone, rock, and boulder – The soft is soft for ‘your sake’. The hard is for ‘rock sake’. And ultimately the ‘Boulder-like’ riffs and presentation is a fantastic jolt. The album just continues their assault on the senses, driven with the gentle and nurturing vocals of K.G. Gogan, contrasting it with the hard driving boulder chops from her band mates.

The celebration is within the contrast. And it’s a hum-dinger.

The band begins with K.G. Gogan’s voice, for us at CHF. The (seemingly) sweet vocal tone of Gogan unapologetically and by design, splat the notes against the chords of Dashiell Coombs making the notes cry in desperation. The twisting and the convulsions of the notes just keeps things calm enough – albeit for the kill.

  • Like the time when you found out that putting Salt on watermelon, tastes amazing.
  • Or, like the time when the taffy your friend gave you was ACTUALLY face sucking sour.
  • Or, like the time when that beater Honda Civic, beat you off the line – while your g/f was with you.

The circumstances in which the band has constructed the album is layered and wide. And we think that is what helps the variety of sounds and aura of the songs in the new album.

Drive Miss Daisy, hun, for this band has a V12 in the engine.

Anywho, the merging of post-punk, pop and indie sensibilities is quite the attraction. The album aims to solidify their previous EPs in 2015 (‘A Demonstration’) and 2016 (‘Summer Hiatus’) into a megalith of an album. We’re quite sure their fans will love that they continue the similar style. While other new fans will dig the no nonsense rock.

Our faves:

  • ‘Nursing Home’ – That drum roll starts the extravaganza of an album off right. It’s the headliner song, at least for us at CHF.
  • ‘Weez’ – a weirdly set trip back to the ‘olden’ days of grunge rock. A slow morass of feelings and juxtapositions. Dang.
  • ‘Rerun Summer’ – you want a bit of nose bleed, from a slap, with a reminder that you are not worth it as a ‘significant other’? This is it.
  • ‘Sally Ride’ – the guitar work by Dashiell is fabulous on this song. Real big rock, can’t get it through the front door. It kicks your butt.
  • ‘Bruiser’ – an anthemic chant of a song, it professes undeliverable disappointment confessions, wrapped up in a bass driven tune. Oh yea.

Anwho, Secretary Legs is Voltron built from the high performance parts of Brick Mower and the Soft Maybes. The band consists of: bassist/vocalist K.G. Gogan, drummer Eric Truchan, and guitarist Dashiell Coombs.

And we dig that. Lots.

If you dig it, look for the album [HERE] and buy.

They’re rep’ed by the folks at Sniffling Indie Kids, working hard out of New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Track List:
01 Nursing Home.wav
02 Plow the Atlas.wav
03 Foaming at the Lid.wav
04 Wind Blown and We…ed.wav
05 Weez.wav
06 Rerun Summer.wav
07 Kind of You.wav
08 Sally Ride.wav
09 Wooden Crawl.wav
10 Bruiser.wav
11 Solitary Refinement.wav
12 Your Type.wav


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