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S!ege ‘Tuesday Blues’ tells us that it’s over. But won’t let that sleeve go. Don’t let go.

Destitute and shivering, you took my heart and threw it in the garbage can – plastic, enduring, hole at the bottom. It’s a messy business. Why are we together? S!ege’s Tuesday Blues is a kick back to the alt rock fabulousness of the past with ultra relevant quarrying of that blackened diamond, dug out into that light – with the value of anger, resentment, then acceptance.

Go figure.

This is a fab song. Maybe due the nostalgic hint Caitlyn’s style affords us, listeners. But something about it that grabbed ahold of us and didn’t let go.

Well, it did let go. But it was at the end of the song.

And what the heck is going on with the song’s lyrics?

Who was this perpetrator?

Why was the deed, cooked and constructed?

It’s not the faintest, that I conduct.
Whether or not I do, it’s not enough.
Wary of my dictations, afar.
Close to me, to my heart, to my being – I fly.

S!ege, especially with this particular song, balances on that line between alt-rock & emo-rock. But to us, it’s not about where the song stands.

But it’s all about the attitude and that impression from that first bar, first chorus, first utterance of the vocals.

We dig what we hear from this Alaskan native, living and kicking butt in Portland OR.

Kudos, Caitlyn. Kudos.



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