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Sego shares single ‘Cigarette Kids’

Love is akin to the pain on your arm, after the slashing of nails, painted with disheartened shriveling up of emotional piles of dust and talc powder. Stings. Hurts. Burns. Anguish in silence. Sego’s latest single ‘Cigarette Kids’ made us think that way. It’s fabulous. And devious, we think.

We know as much as others who’d gone through that kind of scenario. It’s an oddity that such as another human animal can hurt with such an imagined device as, ‘love’.

‘Love’ is a label, after all. It’s the summary to the chemical relationship which flow in our brains, in direct relation to the ‘seemingly evidenced, invisible attitudes’ defined by the other.

It’s an immovable force. Love, that is. And dang it – it’s a very complicated issue, and a deathly layered fascination.

Oh and but sometimes, smoking cigarettes can a be a good analogy for that ‘love’. It’s just there, it’s part of the deal, and, it satisfys our whims.

‘Love’ and ‘Cigarettes’. What a trap they can be =D

Anywho, their 2016 album was fab. Now they’re ramping up for their next offering (we are guessing).

Kudos. Looking forward to the next.

Sego is hitting the road in March, starting in Tucson.

They’re rep’ed by the folks at Roll Call Records.



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