Seiren – Lietuva

Seiren’s Lietuva is a trip back to glitch ridden hand-sack, we called home for those many years. Institutional odd-beat production, just is staggered, but at the same time is practical and drew us in.

Heart beat, beating in odd foot steps.

Goose steps, out of place.

Daily frustrations, ironed into stiff collars.

They all shouldn’t be.

Is this art?

We think so.

To be minimal, ‘Lietuva’ is hard to get into, as a song.

If this song was a novel, then it’s a science fiction book like “Flowers for Algernon” (by Daniel Keyes).

The words, the text, the meanings, and memories are distorted to a degree, and it’s hard to understand.

“What is this?” you ask yourself.

“Why are the words like hieroglyphs?”

But as you get through, the plot thickens, and the words improve – as the main character improves.

Physically and mentally, the opening up of the emotional attitudes and intellectual prominence, help gather our interest.

The song ends.

And we understand why.

It’s a dandy of a song by Seirens, and you should take several minutes to listen.

We dig it.

Kudos, Jens / Charlotte / Gert. Kudos.


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