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SELF HELP Shares ‘Hungover Jones’ (Live at Tilehouse Studios). Why? They’re Awesome & This Is One Of Our Fave Songs.

SELF HELP is one our fave bands. We loved their album ‘Birthdayboy’ so much, we featured it as our ‘Album Of The Week’ back in March. We feel like they’re all fab peoples who are doing their talented best to give us (the fans) some innovative and fun music to listen to. Heck, when you’re feeling down, and had been saying ‘what the f*ck’ all day? Then listen to ‘Birthdayboy’ by this group of four.

The band members, as mentioned, are super talented and energetic in their song construction, and pop flavor infusion.

Danny Jeffries provides the fun in the vocals and guitar. Sean Cousins provides the guitars, on top of his unique ‘rise-up-be-counted’ vocal tones, with Lizzie Couves (a lovely gal who was very understanding in our Twitter conversation) provides the constant and reliable bass craft. While, Silke Blansjaar provides the ‘master-blaster-accurate’ drumming that we (and probably also by Mad Max Roadwarrior) enjoy so much.

In these past months, they’d been busy because of their increasing rep for live performances and cool music. Bigger shows were played at Common People Festival and Truck Festival (see video). Soon in October, they’ll be playing the Ritual Union Festival.

Anywho, their newest and freshest EP (due to drop sometime in December) is being finished up, and they (and us) can’t wait to see what controlled chaos they will put upon the world.

The new EP will be released at the ‘Bullingdon’ in Oxford – where a little par-tay with some drinks, and fun times will fabulously ensue.

As CHF isn’t in Oxford, we cannot join in the direct festivities with the talented-4, but we will await the EP and tell you all about it at the right time.

And we can’t wait to listen to it.

Kudos gang. Kudos.

Until next.



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