Selin ‘Heart in Two’ : Death to the past. Life to the future. Life with Selin.


“You know that feeling when you love something so much, maybe a little too much,” stated Selin. “Then it slowly starts to damage you? But because of your drive for success, you choose to let it break you regardless? That’s what this song is about. When the thing you love the most breaks you, but you let it happen anyway. For me it’s my passion and drive for music. Anything you’re passionate about comes with pain.”

Originally from Istanbul, London based artist Selin has been staking her place at the forefront of the city’s flourishing music scene for the last 3 years.

Each syllable. Each consonant. Each feeling of lust. Each feeling of joy. All formulate deliberately, like the step of our own lives, quivering with joy and trepidations of self doubt. Selin’s vocal expressions, conjure all of the necessary crests that make up that one pin-point moment of glory.

Death to the past. Life to the future. Life with Selin.


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