Sen Mei – Rewind

Sen Mei is the stage name of Emily Hamilton. Working from her HQ of Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, she’s having a big dig, it seems, to get this project revving.

And “Rewind” does give it a fabulous go. However, we at CHF was a bit perplexed – not of her skills, but it was just our inability to exactly categorize her bars of music notes.

It’s an indie & pop song, for sure. But it has a “The Crow” (the 1994 movie, The Crow, starring Brandon Lee). It’s nothing particular but during some of the scenes, there is some of the guitar and vocal work that looks in the background of the movie throughout.

We mention this, because that is a COOL thing. On purpose or not, Sen Mei has something and we hope to hear more develop from her in the future.

Oh and The Crow is kick-ass, just like Rewind.


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