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Sen Wisher // ahaComa // Maleen // Billy Hammer // Soft People

Sen Wisher – Holding Pattern

SEN WISHER’s new album ‘Bird Languages’ slip sheet of paper, written full with the experiences of his roaming throughout this earth. Ben Swisher’s distinctive falsetto vocals, coupled with the organic notions of truth and melancholy, oozes our of each corner of his musical town in the sky. Ben is a Eugene, Oregon based artist and he has much to tell to the world – for his and our sake.

ahaComa – Comfort Coma

ahaComa is Rob Losier’s project of uncompromising wealth of exhilaration. The redeeming faculties, from classic rock elements layered with the modern howl of pop intuitions, make the Charlotte, North Carolina based artist, makes us feel fuzzy. The staggered timing from here and there, is distinctive and fabulous for our soul. A delicious cloudy marshmallow of goodness edged with the raw thoughts of irrevocable alignments. ‘Comfort Coma’ brings all those complexities to a fervor.

Maleen – Someone like you

MALEEN’s voice will melt you. Her gentile operatic vocals, when looked deeper, is a ferocious anthem to the strength of what and how love can build mountains. “With this acoustic song I intend to bring a non-sentimental feeling of longing and exploring love. Love to another person; love to yourself; love to the universe.” With ‘Someone Like You’ she teamed up with Danish composer Frederik Magle to arrange a heartfelt booklet of emotions, deserving of such an undertaking. It just works beautifully.

Billy Hammer – Young Love

BILLY HAMMER wants to be on that meteor deep in the blackness of space, in his latest single ‘Young Love’. And who wouldn’t want to take that trip with him? With disco/funk vibe and rhythms, ‘Young Love’ stamps new-wave volunteerism in decadence, for everyone on this earth to witness. The moves being demonstrated by the talented singer/songwriter is quite exhilarating to view. The artist produces layers of destinies within one single, and with un-deniable energy, helps his audience to evoke intensity unseen. Let’s ride that meteor and see where we an go from here.

Soft People – The Absolute Boy

San Luis Obispo, California based SOFT PEOPLE includes Caleb Nichols and John Metz. And the married couple met and fell in love to literally make beautiful and emotive shoegazy music together. We’re glad they did. For the duo writes music and lyrics that are subject oriented that wraps subjectivity and rationalism, to a new kind of light. ‘The Absolute Boy’ is one way Caleb had decided in dealing with being abused as a child. It’s a virtual extension to the circumstances, for an effort to manage and move forward. Understanding is requisite, in Caleb’s heart.


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