SENATOR ‘makingmoves’ : For you can’t live without love. At least forever, right?


Senator is a Dream Pop duo consisting of long time friends and multi-instrumentalists Josh Pinkston and Gary Watson. Blending together inspiration from bands such as Men I Trust , TOPS , and Real Estate , Senator creates vivid waveforms of pop music with a dash of atypical instrumentation.

Confection of love-affection is where it’s at. And when confusion for what you need in your life, becomes a mess of epic proportions, you remember to take a deep breath and start again. For love is what you make of it, and when Senator, conjures memories of such goodness through their single, you just can’t help but try, and try again to make things right.

For you can’t live without love. At least forever, right?

The Virginia Beach duo uses layered guitars and synthesizers to create a larger than life rhythm section to support the smooth harmonies of their vocals.

Their first Single ‘Makingmoves’ help lead up to the release of their debut EP in September. They hope to tour when live shows are deemed safe again.

‘Makingmoves’ is a fabulous start to this fabulous combination of artists.


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