Seraphina Simone ‘Cherry’ : Unassuming but all together decadent single that brings beauty in another angle.

Seraphina Simone

Seraphina Simone, the British-American artist who grew up submerged in the music industry, helps us to ‘submerge’ into a world of pop and splendor. ‘Cherry’ is an unassuming but all together decadent single that brings beauty in another angle.

“‘Cherry’ is the voice in our heads telling us we don’t have enough,” said Seraphina, “telling us to want more, buy more, be richer, be thinner, be prettier, be better than everyone else. It’s that sarky bitch who’s really mean to you and you hate her but you also kind of want to be her best friend because she’s perfect and you’re a mess. It’s the voice fuelled by consumer culture and jealousy and insecurity and myths like the American Dream. It seems harmless enough even though it fucks up the planet and makes us miserable no matter how much we have. Maybe in a weird way Covid will make us realise we don’t need so much shit to be happy.”

Will that sentiment last?

Her father is the musician Terence Trent D’Arby aka Sananda Maitreya. Holidays when she was a girl meant long trips through California, brushing shoulders with everyone from George Harrison to Billy Idol, or being babysat by Pamela Des Barres. Some artists might claim their ‘godparents’ were Prince, Miles Davis, Christie Hynde, Pete Townsend and Mary Greenwell. Seraphina’s actually were.

And with that pedigree, direct and indirect, Seraphina gleans and smiles at the possibilities – hinged on the fragile emotions of our human-ness and on the pessimisme of living life.

Will we be reborn with a new and altered view?

Time will tell.


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