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Seriously Invites Us To Spend A Little Time With ‘Beautiful Life’.

The fabric of space and time ripped apart as he entered the vastness of time-travel. The inner extremities of his being was being witness by his, also, ripped apart eye balls. Coordinated destruction of the time continuum was being experimented to a near one hundred percent predictability.

Then he was gone.

His cells had been crushed.

His memories no more.

His ambitions of his soul, contested and just a wistful breeze.

As the sunshine of the morning sun streaked through his curtains, and then unto his eyes, the sparkling ions bounced off of his brain receptacle, calling out his lazy-Sunday attitude.

Rubbing his morning eyes: “I had the weirded dream, hun.”

SERIOUSLY is a band that casts modern landscapes then sees what they can throw at it. They write about us – humans – and our discourse with the surrounding absurdities that exist.

Love it.

Seriously observes the frailty of modern landscapes, the insularity that technology introduces, and the manufactured dependencies we all crave — y’know, the American Dream. Their mood swings oscillate in step to the HR-16 ✨



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