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Seven Purple Tigers // Rusty Shipp // Norty // Leebo Freeman // Mannequin Online

Seven Purple Tigers – Speaking Out

Freiburg, Germany’s SEVEN PURPLE TIGERS is an indie-rock act that hints at the unconventional with delectable pop and prog-rock attitude. The pace is adamant and never hinders in your enjoyment, as American frontman Austin Horn and guitarist Philip Dyszy keeps the energy up and rockin’. ‘Speaking Out’ has a nostalgic vibe with attentions at times to a past decade, with romping accents and mood drivers. ‘Speaking Out’ is off of their self titled 11 track album (available now). You can see them next on August 10th in Mehlsack at Emmendingen Germany.

Rusty Shipp – Breaking Waves

Refreshing garage rock n’ rollers RUSTY SHIPP breaks all bounds with songs like ‘Breaking Waves’. Pounding drums, exquisite vocals, driving riffs – all combine to make this vibin’ single what it is. And what it is, is that it just makes your day. Creative and thorough, the band brings the best in traditions that bands like Nirvana or Silverchair brought to their decades. Frontman Russ T. Shipp explained: “Lyrically it’s more philosophical and describes the battle between technology and nature in a tortoise-and-the-hare-like metaphor where mankind’s mightiest technology won’t stand a chance in the long run against the simple, steady erosion of the ocean’s immortal waves (ie, nature) breaking it down. I think that’s for the best, and humanity is better off not waiting for centuries of erosion before it’s returned to what’s immaterial and most important – its soul.”

Norty – Orbits

Kyle Norton is the project NORTY. From the get-go, you feel it. The thrust of this delicately fun single ‘Orbits’ is all about the endless quest for that one thing. That one thing that makes us individuals’ lives go round. The thing that makes our lives as serene as it can be. The one little/big thing that keeps us in tune with our inner concepts and the world without. Can that be ‘love’? Who the f*ck knows. The answer isn’t the journey. The ride and the all consuming deliciousness is in NORTY’s single. “Love”? It has nothing to do with nothing. Or does it? In the meantime, let’s dance this weird writing off our our shoulders. Coolness is NORTY. Let’s get NORTY.

Leebo Freeman – Dipped In Clouds

LEEBO FREEMAN’s synth driven wave of emotions is ‘Dipped In Clouds’. He’d stated: “Inspired by a range of greats from the 70s and 80s, what he considers to be the golden eras of music. sports a fresh, yet retro feeling Indie electro “Chill wave” pop, drenched in dreamy effects and etherealness. Yet not lacking catchy bite with a bit of brit pop attitude thrown in the mix.All of which performed, produced and sang by myself straight out of his sleep in style (Bedroom) home studio. My goal in music is to capture the warmth and soul of retro music with current textures, vibe and structure. I want you to feel something, a compliment to whatever experience you may be ‘Experiencing’.” A musical manifesto that ‘hits’.

Mannequin Online – So Cool

Zach DeGaetano and Bridget Boltz makes us dance with ‘So Cool’. We can’t show you, for you’ll have to be killed, but we did dance. Why? Aren’t you listening to this single? Why are you not. ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get’, said one sage some time ago, and with MANNEQUIN ONLINE that is exactly what we feel when listening to their songs. From note to note, a mixture of sonic liberation comes over you, as the folds of interactions extrapolate then enunciate with cool, calm, and collected flare. Memorable melodies, subtle accessibility and hooks, just get you on that dance floor of your mind. No guilt. No qualms. Love, and everything that goes along with it comes to fruition with ‘So Cool’. Because, you know…we want to be that cool too.


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