seventeen years drops new album ‘Blueberry’. Dream-pop ascension to introspection.

Indie band seventeen years dropped their new 8 song album, ‘Blueberry’. It’s a collection of thoughts and phrases, set in the mind of seventeen years’ enigmatic pronunciations. All to avail, sometimes not clear in why the troubles of the world exist – or why the internal turmoils roil in sycophantic dioramas. They just do sometimes. And we get it.

‘Blueberry’ is a haunting trail of breadcrumbs, dipped in indie-pop honey dabs – reminding us of that certain moments, which makes us pause.

Whatever that may be.

Our faves: ‘Thought Process’, ‘Drying Up’, ‘Wet Work’.

The album is available [HERE]

seventeen years is rep’ed by Spirit Goth.


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