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Sex Machine Octopus // North Amercia // COUNTERFEIT. // Fake Figures // Midoca

Sex Machine Octopus – I Know

Laurent Boland (vox and guitar), Oliver Cohen-Daigle (bass), Samuel Morissette (drums), and Georges Gagnon (guitar) makes this compelling dynamics for the phenomenal offerings in Sex Machine Octopus. Since 2015, they’d been on an ever growing quest to make music that they love and to share it with the folks who want to get down. Down low, and high-five up top. In the beginning, and without really having a vision for the project, the band release their first EP ‘Fish in the Sea’ in 2016. As time advanced, S M O turned to a much groovier and punchier style of songwriting. Turn the time clock forward and here in 2019, with ‘I Know’, they offer the complete package, confident in all of its bodily mannerisms, and deliberately fascinating in their psyche tinged rock that they know how to construct. A fun and jammin’ part of their offering, ‘I Know’ brings to asunder, notions of delightfully chunky vibes and whittle it down to consumable and tasty treats. Let’s go. Vibe them next @ Le Belmont, Montreal Canada November 23rd. And look out for their new album ‘Plastic Scenes’ set to be released October 25th.

North Amercia – Leave Us To Fate

Frontman P.F. Phillip said: “’Leave Us To Fate’ is a bittersweet goodbye to a love now lost, a reminiscence of a romance that inevitably could not be.” North America are a London based 5-piece creating viscerally energetic and introspective indie-rock that embodies the anthemic quality of their songwriting. Joined by guitarists Gabe Coulter, Jack Rennie, bassist Sandro Giacometti and drummer Sam Roberts, the band loves. Loves with intent. Loves with emotional focus. Loves with the story they tell in such visceral effect. Caressing in beautifully guitar charged attack on the senses, shimmer and wrangle the standing hairs of our listening hearts. Indulged with impeccable impressions, in light and dark, the melancholic vision of ‘Leave Us To Fate’ is a tragedy framed and gorgeously depicted salvation for the soul. Unintended consequences, ravaging our every step, like dominos of wooden block, circumvent with adamant lust for the ‘morrow. Lusting, forging, divulging – to none, and to all at the same time. The band have received the support of BBC Introducing London and publications across the UK, US, Japan and Brazil, being slated as ‘ones to watch’ by UK tastemaker Tipping Point. North America made their festival debut this summer supporting headliner The Lightning Seeds at Create Festival.

COUNTERFEIT. – It Gets Better

“‘It Gets Better’ is a deeply personal song and its message cuts right to the heart of who we are,” said Jamie Campbell Bower of COUNTERFEIT. “Our goal is to bring people together, to dismantle the barriers that divide us as a species and to make a change in the world. We are in a time of need. We need to come together and to learn to love again. Learn to listen again. Learn to talk again. Learn to feel again. Learn to let go and let in. It’s a small start but if we try, I do believe that we can start to change things because I myself have learnt that with these small steps it does indeed get better.” As for the accompanying music video, Jamie Bower stated: “The video and the song are about healing, connection, community, humanity and spirit. We are lucky enough to have a fan base that feels like a family so wanted to bring the sense of community that we feel to a larger audience.” See the kickin’ acts of COUTNERFEIT next on October 25th in Rome, Italy.

Fake Figures – You’re Distant

Southern California band FAKE FIGURES, featuring members of Atreyu, Hotwire, and Scars of Tomorrow, will release their new EP, We Are the Dead, on November 15th. “When we were in the conception phase of ideas for this video, we wanted to scale things back and make more of a performance video that used hard lighting that paints two sides of each of us, using angles that are reminiscent of early ’80s action movie posters,” explains singer Rus Martin. “The short narrative ideas were hashed out between me and the director, Brad Alexander, and we had this really massive idea of capturing someone who is slowly deteriorating and going through this transformation with emphasis on inner voices.” Martin further adds: “There’s a certain sense of confidence you gain growing as a band when writing stuff and you just learn to trust each other with their special qualities, and we all depend on each other to come to the table with. I think this release tells a story about a band that finally found themselves sonically, but still trying to find themselves in life when it comes to the relationship with the world music provides.” Back to basics in rock, Fake Figures, drive the nail in, while the whaling nu-metal reckoning makes us be reborn once more.

Midoca – I Can’t Keep Up With You

“‘I Can’t Keep Up With You’ was written after realizing I was being taken advantage of by someone in a higher position of power. I was angry and disappointed, but the separation was freeing. The uplifting energy from the songs production came from that feeling of levity.” Soft croonings of falling behind rest beautifully upon blissful guitar as Midoca weaves acoustic elements into his already emotionally captivating backsound. More than an emo post punk ideation, the soft ballad of this single sings with distinction. ‘I Can’t Keep Up With You’ beckons listeners in with intoxicating lyricism, and holds with sweet soundscapes prepared to pull on heartstrings. Midoca’s ‘Dry The Rose’ EP is out on November 19th. Midoca is the project of Los Angeles based producer and composer Chaz Treharne.


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