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Sex People // AC Garnett // Slot Machine // The Last Man Running // Brad Sample

Sex People – Sanctuary City

Encouraged by the star-lights, he drove in the clearest of midnights he’d seen for a long time. The desert was quiet, with only the rolling crackle of tires to dirt and pebbles. He imagined he was on a space ship traveling the stars, even though he knew he was in his 2005 pickup truck. That was a bit silly, but every night he loved following the still, but twinkling stars. He wanted to be visiting them. And ever night, he’d be slightly sad whenever his little journey ended. To him, the 20 minute ride was a travel through time, where he was wanted and belonged. He was convinced he didn’t belong in this world. SEX PEOPLE drags out the instinctual parameters of being simple animals, thinking complex human thoughts in ‘Sanctuary City’. The diabolically simple, but inventive single, nudges your appeal for the good or bad, or neither. Life is mostly about what’s ‘just there’. We just have sex around it, when convenient.

AC Garnett – My Bones

AC GARNETT, based in London, has his instruments and his lyrics, speak for the loves lost and found. The beautiful troubadour like vocals entice the imagined wreck of a heart. A man with no peace, with no way of circling back to where he once was – the grounded man still full of light. The struggle continues with ‘My Bones’, as the narrator to the protagonist, AC has had his share of fighting his challenges with his dreams and mental serenity. His steps to that ultimate victory, starts with his music and his performances. We dig that, to the fullest.

Slot Machine – Know Your Enemy

Arguably Thailand’s biggest alt-rock band, SLOT MACHINE comes with a new English language album (2019). The visuals for their synth induced palladium of colors of evacuation, and enticement for the mind and the fighting heart. ‘Know Your Enemy’ enlightens with tactical 90 degrees of wall to wall digital sounds, with dagger like intransigent view of the future-current within our souls. The song was produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons) and was recorded at the legendary Karma Sound Studios in Thailand.

The Last Man Running – New Backyard

From the first note of this gentle folk finger picking, THE LAST MAN RUNNING, wants you to get on a slow sunny walk to a place at the end of the boulevard. With the late Spring sun caressing her and his nervous inner thoughts, they walk at a snail’s pace. The rustling of the tree leaves, help set the scene, while he notices her waving sun-dress, so pretty and nice. That was a memory of her he remembers last, before she had gone away from him. He missed her. He has always regretted not telling her how he adored her. Now their lives are separate, and seemingly will never intersect, ever again. ‘Roslyn Gardens’ is THE LAST MAN RUNNING’s debut album. It was conceived by Tiago, while living in Sydney for 2 years.

Brad Sample – Break My Heart

BRAD SAMPLE has played in front of packed concerts and screaming fans, in countless performances. But as an artist of his own, he’s found his own. It’s an odd and ‘strange place’ to find himself, Brad has said. But he’s teamed up with one of the best of the best, Nashville producer/engineer Bobby Holland and made this album. Country, rock, blues, helps him bring the thing that makes BRAD SAMPLE who he is on stage: guitar work that just shines off and makes you feel the glory. ‘Break My Heart’ levels the playing field, starting from the get-go, and lets Brad tell his story the way he needs to. The relaxed love rock ballad, with contingent harmonies, make this single a delight.


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