Sex People ‘Sling Slang’ : Tongue lashing, that feels so good.

Sex People

‘Sling Slang’ is a tongue lashing, that feels so good. With glazed pace of the rhythmic hiphop thrusts and the palpitating inquisition of the subject at hand, the single grinds and writhes with unsuspecting insurgence.

Sex People’s own backstory is no less of an adventure, having overcome addiction, loss, alienation, poverty, and, almost as catastrophic to any musician, stolen tapes. Downtown LA serves as both the band’s home base and one of their many muses.

It managed to bring together SoCal vocalist/synth player/beatmaker Knarfy, Nigerian vocalist F.I.T., and El Salvadoran-American guitarist and drummer Al Dubon. They’re smart enough to take their cues from the greats, like Aphex Twin, Die Antwood, Gorillaz, and Radiohead, but visionary enough to wear almost none of them on their sleeves.

According to Knarfy, “It was written at the first time in my life where I considered myself a ‘whore.’” SamUIL and Hobyn Yi, members of LA’s Korean and Chinese Pop production house Kairos Music Group, brought the bombast and emotion of those explosive genres to the track and the EPs.



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