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SEXTILE Shares ‘Disco’. “Dystopian Growling Of Fantastic Synth And Dazzling Appreciation.”

Might be kind of harmful, but we have a ‘thing’ for SEXTILE. Ever since we first got to know them a bit through their single ‘Paradox’, we were hooked like that fish that you caught in grammar school.


Wide eyed.


Trying to get back into that pond where the air was wet, and more familiar.

But just like ‘Paradox’, the SEXTILE hooks you again with ‘Disco’.

This dystopian growling of fantastic synth and dazzling appreciation for the all things that rock and punk – just ‘gets us’.

You want to get back into that pond.

But you kind don’t wanna.

Even if that means you will die of suffocation.

At least you’re dancing before that ultimate outcome.

Oh what a circumstance, we posed for ourselves.

“Man, my friends back in the pond won’t believe the time we had with SEXTILE,” as it gasped for its last breath.

‘Disco’ is awesome.

Just like Melissa Scaduto and Brady Keehn, are.



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