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Sexy Jesus Shares Single ‘It’s You’. Life In The ‘Image’ Of Sexy Jesus, You Can Say.

We are human beings and it’s sometimes because how we are made up, where we don’t want to be the guilty party. Meaning, why not blame others when it’s harder to take responsibility. It’s much easier, for sure.

But is it good for the soul, at the end of the day, the month, the year, or at the end of your life?

Well, guess it all depends on the ‘coward’s’ perspective. If he/she gets away with so many circumstances, without any repercussions, it’ll feel like it’s no big deal.

If you think about it, though, everything really has a consequence and an attached repercussion to anything we do, right? Maybe we’re talking about ‘degrees’ of repercussion, and it’s not a binary situation.

It might take the rest of life, but maybe there will be a time when ‘the debt to being so inhuman’ has to be repaid.

Well, who knows.

SEXY JESUS is about irony, cynicism, and well, about being ‘human’.

Life in the ‘image’ of Sexy Jesus, you can say.

Anywho, take a listen to this classic rock-ish anthem from SJ. We think you’ll dig it.



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