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The Shacks – Left It With The Moon (Video)

Coming off their awesome 2017 print of the self-titled EP, The Shacks now throws gently towards all of us, this new DIY video for ‘Left It With The Moon”. The ‘Caribbean summer’ vibe, consistent with The Shacks, continues to penetrate our pours in this diddy. Shannon’s voice always spearheaded that onslaught. Now, we also have her video-taping ‘skillz’ to make it even sweeter.

The whole album, as you all know by now, is generally a ride into that warm Gulf – helping us drown our suspected (and sometimes real) angst and dreams. On one hand we’re gently floating through the pristine gem colored ocean, sun-drenched, without a care. Then on the other hand, we get to shore, and there’s a summer party going on, taking advantage of that gorgeous sunset.

This song is part of that conspiracy.

And, of course- we love it.

“Marybelle, ok, let’s get off. The boat’s stuck in the sand.”

“Ok. But help me… it’s still wobbling.”

They both get off that small (but in their estimate) but very reliable tub of a boat. Although there was water leaking in, it never wavered, and didn’t sink. It was their hero for that fateful day.

Marybelle’s dress had torn, and the edges of were bit fray. She wasn’t worried, for she still had the parasol. It was the only thing between her and being cooked alive by the sun.

Jake was ok. He’d always been constitutionally, and mentally strong. He went with the flow. As he did with this current situation. He was practical and gentle.

Marybelle and Jake were together for 5 years and madly in love. She loved him, so. As he, her.

As night fell on the beach, the coolness of the sun, pushed back the harshness of the sun rays. Both sighed.

The pig on that roaster looked prime.

It’ was party time.

The Shacks is still fab. Still kicking butt. And Shannon’s vocals melt men and women.

It’s good sh*t.

They’re rep’ed by big honcho label, Big Crown Records- working out of Brooklyn. They certainly are on a roll, and kicking ass these days.

Anywho, check out the video.



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