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The Shacks – This Strange Effect

The Shacks’ This Strange Effect is a 70’s thang that has a ‘strange effect’ on us. That effect, just affected our thought functions, gave us a friendly wiggles in our elbows, and weirdly made us dance like people would stereotypically do from the 50’s.

Our bodies had never moved like that before; and we did not hate it.

Actually, we loved this song. And that’s not because we saw it on an Apple iPhone 8 commercial (although, we have to say, Shannon looked as delectable as ever in that ad spot).

It’s because of the combination of Shannon Wise’s vocals and the tone of their songs.

Seductive? Yes.

Sexy? Yes.

Want to make love to the voice? Yes.

Folksy-get-out-of-my-way attitude within the soft presentation? Yes.

Does it hypnotize and promises a cozy future together? Yes.

Is it easy to fall in love with the voice? Unfortunately, yes.

As you can tell, we love Shannon and Max’s project. It’s delicious like sweet apples, cute as heck as some Anime can be, and always, always beautiful to listen to.

The Shacks, are a ‘thing’, and ‘we like it’.

More please!

They’re rep’ed by the gang at Big Crown Records, a Brooklyn indie-label we like, and quickly have become a force to deal with.

The Shacks:

Big Crown Records:


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