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Shadowmen from Mars // Di Ivories // Wicked Stone // Aeode // Electric Shore

Shadowmen from Mars – Keep (Chill)

No suppositions. Nor any obvious expectations from this Universe we dwell. The duo practitioners of sound effects and musical attributions, offers up newly discovered self-attitudes within themselves and to us the listeners. With jazzy rhythms of chants and glorified confections in waves of colors, Verónicα and Ross, want to connect with you. In a jam session like presidio, the valence of right and wrong, converge within the gray and practical. ‘Keep (Chill)’ decks out in the menagerie of glamor, as it teaches rhymes of the most basic and most important. Of you. Of us. Get some passion out of this moment. We sure will.

Di Ivories – Octopus

We’d once said of Di Ivories: “with effervescent indie vibes, he thinks we all should smile and make happy.” See. It’s not always about Diego (the owner of this fab project), but the of the journey that makes things feel fulfilling. The Brooklyn based artist makes haste then dices the vibes with subtle undertakings and attractive oddities. “The music combines indie rock with a bewildering tension and a raucous excitement in an unpredictable variety of ways that embody my life’s symphony of chaotic wonders.” Diego’s a talented craftsman who makes sounds and songs with the utmost. A delightful point of sunshine of gray, in your day-to-day.

Wicked Stone – Saviour

Living through the 90’s hair-rock era is what you feel, when listening to WICKED STONE’s single ‘Saviour’. From every point of the song, from the hard power chords, sexy tease of the fuzzed guitar notes, high and soaring vocals and fabulous guitar solo, ‘Saviour’ lives up to the song’s ‘own’ hype, and delivers. A glorious past, of hard-rock, lives through the talents of WICKED STONE. Joe Hawx, Olly Smith, Tom Lane, Joe Davies, and Dave Winchester make your listening lives even more interesting, as they plow through the non-sense and give you the good ol’ rock n’ roll that you never thought you’d miss. Now you just want more. Guns N’Roses? Cinderella? Warrant? Mötley Crüe? You can get the fabulous sounds of them, and the modern aesthetics of WICKED STONE, all in one. What a world we live in. See this fab live band next @ The Booking Hall, Dover, Kend UK, November 23rd.

Aeode – Skin

AEODE is a solo music project that falls somewhere between dark/dream pop, triphop and electronic folk. Said AEODE: “This song was a pleasure to make although seemingly sad lyrically I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. In short, the song “Skin” is about initiating transformative processes and the urge to run when confronted with the depths of yourself. It’s been very motivating to write ‘Skin’ – which is a song about seemingly serious stuff but having lots of fun in the creation of it. It brings lightness and creativity to aspects of life that can sometimes feel quite burdensome.” A convulsing latitude in mind and of the questioning heart, AEODE’s singular thrust of ‘Skin’ drives home a call-to-arms of respect and what’s upcoming. Disrespect, insurgence, catastrophe, personal solace – mix together in this soup of anonymity to conjure, then suspend radical impurities to practical and actionable stances for the underdog. ‘Skin’ is a fab digital exercise in words and contexts of life.

Electric Shore – Temper

Ryan Hill, Adam Rooney, and Ronan Hynes make up this project: ELECTRIC SHORE. Ratoath Co.Meath, Ireland based band has the knack for charming out the engrossing multitudes in words, as the single ‘Temper’ comes with the price of enjoyment and dexterity. With elements from electronic/synth hums to guitar shimmering quests in between the likes of stories untold, ELECTRIC SHORE’s manifesting quandary in serving love and loss, delivers with a kind and empathetic urge to survive. To survive love is to lose it. To lose the best of love, is a tragedy, in temporary means. The trio gets it. And many hearts will feel it too. The band joined forces with Philip Magee to sculpt the kaleidoscopic and emotionally charged sound of ‘Temper’.


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